Powell Peralta SAS Chainz 8.5" Skate Deck-Powell Peralta-CoastalSurf

Powell Peralta SAS Chainz 8.5" Skate Deck

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Powell Peralta SAS Chainz 8.75 Skate Deck in blue, the top wood stain is assorted. Light, thin, rigid with crisp pop making this a great popsicle for beginners through to pro level skaters. Great for all the variations of skating, whether you're bombing a hill, performing technical tricks in the street or ripping up an old swimming pool.

Premium 7 ply hard-rock maple.

Deck Shape 242
Deck Concave K20
Deck Wheelbase 14"
Deck Length 31.45"
Deck Width 8.5"
Deck Nose 6.75"
Deck Tail 6.5"