Indy Stage 11 159 NA Truck-Independent-CoastalSurf

Indy Stage 11 159 NA Truck

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  • Sold Individually so you will need to select two at checkout
  • Independent Stage 11 159  Skateboard Trucks 6.0"
  • Independent 159 6.0" Wide Hangers
  • 6.0" Hanger for Wider Boards (8.5"-9.0" Approx. Guideline)
  • Low Set Kingpin
  • Sold As A Pair

Independent bring you the all new Stage 11 Truck. Remastered to improve todays skateboarding the Indy Stage 11 features improved turning, less wheel bite, improved stability on landings at high speed, better overall grind clearance and an improved no hangup yoke. A truck that you know will have your back, the Stage 11 is Independent's finest hour.