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Independent Hollow Forged 139 Truck

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Independent have shaved some serious weight off their trucks during the consistent evolution of this hardware staple. They have gone a step further in shedding even more weight with this model. These trucks have a hollow kingpin and a hollow axle which makes each truck about 32 grams lighter than a regular Independent truck. These are a favourite amongst our team and staff.

• Forged Aluminum baseplate
• Hollow Axles
• Hollow Kingpins
• Exact fit for 8" dec
• Single truck weighs 344g
• Improved turning: turn into and out of things easier
• Improved stability on landings and at high speeds
• Better overall grind clearance
• Improved 'No Hang-up' yoke
• Longer lasting
• Stronger on impact
• 356 T6 Aluminum Hangers