Winter Blues

We all know how tough winter can be in Cornwall, surviving the winter months is no easy feat and the ones who stick around are recognized and respected. Such is the nature of globalization it is easy for one to move around to greener pastures when times get tough.

The easier times are often good but it's the hard times that define us. Here we face a more stark reality and must develop strategies to keep our mind and body healthy.

Not only do the people find it harder but the businesses in a tourist reliant economy will also be battling the elements.

That's why here at Coastal Surf we have decided to undergo a website revamp, not only to help the shop push through the winter months, but it allows us to have a better range of products at a better price, so now there's no excuse for not getting in the sea or getting to the skate park!

Jack the Manager at Coastal was also quite pleased to have something to do rather than sit in a cold lonely shop, so no there wont be a crazed Kiwi behind the counter (only partially anyway)